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Welcome Dylan!

15 AUG 2017 21:03
Från andra sidan jordklotet till en stad i Hälsingland.
  • Uppdaterad: 24 APR 2018 10:43

Vi ger ett stort "Welcome" till Dylan Burns från Nya Zeeland som ansluter till vår trupp. 

Som ett unikt koncept och med en befintlig spelartrupp som till 96% närodlats inom en radie av 8 mil, så är det dags att plocka in ytterligare en "utifrån". 
   Med undantag från Jonas Karlsson (Norrköping) så består dagens HuFF av spelare som fått sin fotbollsuppfostran i klubbar runt om Hudiksvall, där bara Ridwan Beyan inte kommer från distriktet (GIF Sundsvall). 

En ej närodlad import är Dylan Burns som nu skrivit på för oss, och vi hälsar honom varmt välkommen. Med ett förflutet i Nike Academy, Nottigham Forest, Tasman United och Glenfield så ser vi fram emot att stifta bekantskap med honom.

Såhär säger Dylan själv:

"My name is Dylan Burns I was born in New Zealand and I am 20 years old. I grew up in a town called Auckland with my Mum and Dad brother and Sister and I moved to England alone when I was 16. I started my career of at The Nike Academy and then quickly moved on to Nottingham Forest where I enjoyed 2 and a half years there. During this time I spent 3 months on loan at Grantham Town which was excellent for me to get some men's team football. After my contract at Nottingham Forest was not getting renewed I decided to head back to New Zealand for a year in which I played For Tasman United which was a really good club and I wish them all the best for the new season! I then spent the winter in New Zealand playing for Glenfield United which again was really enjoyable and a well run club and now I have found myself back in Europe which was always the plan.

I came to Hudiksvall on trial last week after hearing the goals and ambitions the club have and immediately I was impressed with the way the club is run and coached. The big thing for me was the way the players, coaching staff and a special mention to Tomas made me feel very welcomed which made the transition very easy for me. A big thing for me is to come so I thank them all for that.

Before coming to Hudiksvall I did not know much about the club but my new team mates are starting to tell me more and more about the tradition and heritage so it seems more and more like a club that I really want to succeed with. The city itself is very beautiful! This is my first time here and I'm still exploring but from what I have seen so far I am very impressed with.

My expectations for the remainder of the season is to help the team and Henrik with getting promoted I think I will add something to the team so I am looking forward to getting out there with the lads and finishing the season on a high. But in general I want to adapt to Swedish Football as quick as possible and help the team in any way I can."

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